The Jeep brand was officially founded in 1941 and started out building vehicles specifically equipped for the military. Jeeps were the first mass-produced four door car, thus beginning the age of SUVs. In a rich and tradition-driven history, Jeep changed the face of the automotive industry in the ‘40s and continues to set the standard in off-road cruisers.

In 1970, Kaiser Jeep was bought by American Motors Corporation and their first act was to split the military production and civilian recreation production. During this time, Jeep also introduced three different engine options. It was in 1976 as Jeep was celebrating their 35th birthday that the CJ-7 was introduced, later becoming the iconic “Wrangler.”

In 1987, just after the Jeep Wrangler was introduced, American Motors Corporation was sold to Chrysler Corporation. The new leadership revolutionized what AMC had built, elevating the Wrangler and Cherokee to stardom.

Today, both Wrangler and Cherokee incorporate over 50 years of tradition and design elements. The famous boxy, off-road nature of Jeep will forever stand the test of time as they continue to re-invent themselves and their product year after year.