The AMC Concord is a compact car manufactured and marketed by the American Motors Corporation for model years 1978–1983. The Concord was essentially a revision of the AMC Hornet that was discontinued after 1977, but more luxurious, quieter, roomier, and smoother-riding than the series it replaced. It was offered in four-door sedan, two-door coupé (through 1982), three-door hatchback (through 1979), and five-door station wagon configurations.The Concord was AMC's volume seller from the time it appeared until the introduction of the Renault Alliance.

The car was available as a sports-oriented two-door hatchback AMX model without any "Concord" badges or identification for the 1978 model year, as well as the Concord Sundancer convertible during 1981 and 1982, an authorized conversion sold through AMC dealers.

Vehiculos Automotores Mexicanos (VAM) assembled and marketed modified Concord versions in Mexico as the VAM American, including a unique VAM Lerma model. An electric variant of the Concord station wagons were marketed independently from AMC by Solargen during 1979–1980.